NOW18 A Success for Maestro!

NOW18 A Success for Maestro The NOW18 Conference in Kansas City was another great opportunity for us to see Maestro Communities, welcome several new Maestro users, and continue learning new tactics for downtown revitalization. We’ve been attending the NOW Conference since it was the National Main Streets Conference, and there are always positive things to [...]

Who do I share all this data with?

Who do I share all this data with? If you’re in downtown revitalization you know that we collect a lot of data. We’ve got lists that would make Santa Claus jealous. Lists of properties, businesses, contacts, sponsors, attendees, and on and on. We’re preservationist by nature, we don’t get rid of things - especially good [...]

We’re Learning With You

We're Learning With You The past few months have been very exciting for us. In addition to welcoming many new Maestro communities, we’ve been building some great new tools and features that will be coming in the next few weeks. More importantly, we’ve been working with downtowns on some various projects that have really taught [...]

Ditch the Spreadsheets – Use Maestro Instead

Ditch the Spreadsheets - Use Maestro Instead! One of the biggest assets - and one many of you aren’t taking full advantage of - is  your data. You may have your business list, your properties, work plans, and maybe even your contacts in the system. Chances are though, you’ve still got your spreadsheets somewhere with [...]

What Data Should I Be Collecting?

What Data Should I Be Collecting? If you are new to Maestro, and especially if you are new to downtown revitalization, the amount of data you think you need can often be overwhelming. One look at the property section alone can send an intern running to the for-profit side of the street faster than you [...]

Political Posts & Your Organization

Political Posts and Your Organization The days of the comment card are over. Now, if you want to praise someone you hop on Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Facebook and give them a review. More often however, it is the negative reviews that draw attention. Nowadays it can seem difficult to say anything without offending someone. This [...]

We’re in the Sales Business

We are in the Sales Business! Poll any group of downtown developers and ask them what business they are in. You’ll likely get answers such as “downtown revitalization, nonprofit, and community”, but make no mistake about it, Main Streets are in the Sales business. We aren’t selling widgets, even if you have a store that [...]

Planning next year

Planning Next Year Using Maestro to make the planning process easier In a downtown organization, like most businesses, planning the coming year is a crucial part of your success. Especially in a volunteer-driven organization, the process can take a long time because there are so many people that need to be involved for a project [...]

Your Digital Storefront

Your Digital Storefront Best Practices for Managing Your Organization's Website It’s 2017 and having a website is no longer an option for an organization (or a business for that matter), it’s a requirement. When you want to find a business’ contact information the first thing you do is grab your phone… not to dial 411 [...]

5 Keys to a successful partnership

5 Keys to a successful partnership Creating Partnerships can be a valuable asset for a downtown. Partnerships can be mutually beneficial and lead to great things for the end user (in our case visitors). Every downtown likely has a partnership with their city. The downtown organization keeps things vibrant, the city provides infrastructure. Beyond that, [...]