Political Posts & Your Organization

Political Posts and Your Organization The days of the comment card are over. Now, if you want to praise someone you hop on Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Facebook and give them a review. More often however, it is the negative reviews that draw attention. Nowadays it can seem difficult to say anything without offending someone. This [...]

We’re in the Sales Business

We are in the Sales Business! Poll any group of downtown developers and ask them what business they are in. You’ll likely get answers such as “downtown revitalization, nonprofit, and community”, but make no mistake about it, Main Streets are in the Sales business. We aren’t selling widgets, even if you have a store that [...]

Planning next year

Planning Next Year Using Maestro to make the planning process easier In a downtown organization, like most businesses, planning the coming year is a crucial part of your success. Especially in a volunteer-driven organization, the process can take a long time because there are so many people that need to be involved for a project [...]

Your Digital Storefront

Your Digital Storefront Best Practices for Managing Your Organization's Website It’s 2017 and having a website is no longer an option for an organization (or a business for that matter), it’s a requirement. When you want to find a business’ contact information the first thing you do is grab your phone… not to dial 411 [...]

5 Keys to a successful partnership

5 Keys to a successful partnership Creating Partnerships can be a valuable asset for a downtown. Partnerships can be mutually beneficial and lead to great things for the end user (in our case visitors). Every downtown likely has a partnership with their city. The downtown organization keeps things vibrant, the city provides infrastructure. Beyond that, [...]

Involvements in Maestro

Involvements take your data to new heights in Maestro If someone asked you for a list of everything they sponsored over the past two years, how many spreadsheets would you have to go to to get the information for them? With Maestro, all of that information is saved to their profile, so simply searching their [...]

It’s not just data, it’s success

It's not just data, it's success As a former Executive Director I know that there are days where taking the time to complete one more report is the last thing I want to do. You’ve stared at the numbers so many times that sometimes, without realizing it, you stop realizing just how important they are. [...]

Making Events Less Stressful

Making Events Less Stressful Spring is in full bloom and Summer is just around the corner. In downtown that usually means two things, more pedestrian traffic and event season. Look at any downtown calendar and you can usually find events all over the “good weather” months. We tend to pack a lot into downtown in [...]

Let Maestro Help with your event

Let Maestro help with your event We know events are important for any downtown organization. Some raise funds to keep the organization financially secure. Others build goodwill in the community and get people through the doors to keep business owners happy. No question about it, events are critical for most downtowns. This fact was a [...]

Property Management in Maestro

Property Data in Maestro Downtown organizations are some of the best when it comes to knowing their properties. We know who the owner is, the architecture, maybe even the architect, the entire history of a building. Keeping that data together is often another story. If you are lucky you have a spreadsheet somewhere with the [...]