Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve found this page, you likely have a question or two. If the answer you are looking for isn’t found below, we encourage you to contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

What do I need to download?

Absolutely nothing! Maestro is entirely cloud-based meaning there is never any software to download or update. You can take Maestro with you and work from anywhere with an internet connection at any time!

What operating system do I need to have to use Maestro?

Mac or PC, it doesn’t matter! We have built Maestro to work on the latest versions of Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Internet Explorer. As long as you have an internet connection, you’ve got Maestro!

How much does Maestro cost?

Maestro is available for the low rate of $50 per month. This is per community, regardless of the number of users, businesses, or other information. $50 per month – so what are you waiting for?

How many users can we have within our organization?

There is no limit to the number of users your organization can set up. As we continue to add tiers, you can always add and edit users based on your organization’s needs.

How do my work plans get into Maestro?

We have built a series of importers that help you get your work plans, businesscontacts & properties into your Maestro system. You can click on the links above to download the templates.

How many work plans can I have?

There is no maximum number of work plans. Make sure you put everything into the Maestro system so that you can orchestrate your entire organization with ease!

How secure is my data?

The short answer is very. We go to great lengths to ensure that your data is completely secure. We also perform daily backups to ensure you always have access to your data. For the long answer, check out our security statement.

Is there training?


We have prepared a series of tutorial videos that you can watch at your convince.  If you just want to practice you can always use our demo version as well.

If you would like some personalized training or have more questions, we encourage you to contact us today!

Is there customer support?

Of course! We have our talented team of Maestro experts standing by to help you with any of your needs. Whether a question, a problem, or just to chat about Maestro, we welcome your call! Our office is typically open M-F  8am-5pm Central time, but like you we don’t work typical hours so we encourage you to call us any time. If you leave a message, we’ll call you back!

Why should I choose Maestro?

Maestro Community Manager was built for downtown organizations by a talented team including former directors. We know the challenges you face and have built Maestro as a tool to help you not only meet those challenges but leave them in the dust!