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Maestro Community Manager

Maestro Community Manager is an organizational management software created to make your downtown revitalization a reality. Downtowns and Main Street organizations from across the country are using Maestro to manage their contacts, business, properties, work plans, reporting and more!


Keep track of all your contacts in one system.

With Maestro all your information is at your fingertips. No more spreadsheets that only give you a partial picture of what’s going on. Maestro let’s you get a comprehensive view of everything each individual is doing with your organization.


Everything’s connected from the contacts to the properties.

Maestro has a great business directory, but that’s just the start. Maestro allows you to track everything that is happening with that business from employees to social media.


This isn’t your ordinary list of properties.

Maestro allows you to add units, link businesses directly to units, track key details like sales, improvements, registry information and more. Everything you need to accurately and quickly track all of your properties.

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Work Plans

Getting things done means keeping everyone on the same page.

Work plans allow you to assign tasks, track progress, log time, and ensure that all your projects stay on target and on budget.


Your reinvestment statistics are just a few clicks away.

Reporting isn’t just important for a software, it is critical for a downtown organization. You’ve got to be able to quickly and easily share key metrics that help tell your story. Maestro’s powerful reporting saves you time by putting everything you need in one system.

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