Maestro App

We know that downtown development doesn’t happen while you’re sitting behind your desk. It’s out in your community, talking to businesses and making things happen. That’s why we built the Maestro App. This tool allows you to not only take Maestro with you, but makes editing and updating even easier.

Now updating all your contact information on the go is even easier. Get a new email or phone number? You can put it right into your Maestro system easily. 
With all the property data you’re collecting, editing on the go is a must. This app makes it even easier to add units, contacts, sales, improvements and more!
Keeping track of your businesses can be a challenge. Now when you are in the business updating their information is even easier. Stay on top of all your information.  
 Work Plans
At a meeting and need to assign tasks? Remember that you needed to add something to a workplan? The Maestro app makes mobile editing even easier!