We know our pricing makes people do a double take. Can we really offer Maestro for just $50 per month? Are we crazy? Is there a catch? Yes, we offer Maestro at $50 a month. We think we’re probably a little crazy too, but it works for us! Most importantly NO! There isn’t a catch.

Here’s the whole story.

We built Maestro around Main Street. We want Maestro to be the primary tool for downtown revitalization organizations. We know Main Street, so we also know the budget constraints that many organizations are facing. Our software can’t be beneficial if the organization’s it was designed to help can’t afford it, so we have priced Maestro to work within their budget so that we can provide the most value to the organization.  That’s why we are priced at just $50 per month.  That’s why we offer no annual contract, and that is why we don’t charge any set-up fees or have any ongoing maintenance charges. We LOVE downtowns, and we know Maestro can be an effective tool for any of these organizations.

Give Maestro a try today and see how valuable this program can be for you!