Work Plans Make Managing Easier

People working together on a work planWork plans are the engine that drive downtowns. They are the way we manage projects, keep everyone on task, and ensure that the events and programs we conduct are successful. Work plans are how we get things done.

That’s why work plans have been a key instrument in Maestro from the start. Because we are Main Streeters ourselves, we understand the importance of work plans and spent a lot of time making sure that Maestro’s work plans will work for our communities.

Work plan allows you to add the date of the event (for those year-round projects we suggest making the end date December 31), notes, photos, and a description. You can add involvements pertaining to that work plan, as well as the contacts responsible. **Sneak peek: in our next push we’re adding some new user tiers that will allow people more access to view and edit tasks within the work plans – stay tuned!**

You have a lot of things you can do within each task within the work plan as well. You can assign that task to a contact or multiple contacts, assign the due date, and include important notes about that particular task (such as t-shirt sizes, people to contact in order to complete the task, etc). Another great feature within the work plans is the budgeting tool. Each task allows you to set a budgeted amount that can be income or expense (just toggle between the two). As soon as you add the amount, your total for the event will update. Once your event is complete, you can go back and add the actual amount. This allows you to not only compare your budgeted to your actual, but will also assist you in budgeting for future years.

Another great feature of the work plans is that when someone completes one of the tasks assigned to them, they get to mark that as complete. No more emails to the chairperson or staff saying that they’ve done their job, just a simple check of a box and everyone is instantly on the same page. Not only that, but they are automatically prompted to input the amount of time that task took them to complete, giving you accurate data about volunteer hours – data that is automatically included in your reporting!

In the next push of Maestro, you’ll also notice some enhanced notifications tied to work plans. Whenever a task is assigned, completed, or modified, a notification email will be sent to the contact, providing one more way to keep everyone in your organization on the same page.

We know work plans are how you operate, so we’ve built the Maestro work plans to work for you. We encourage you to dive in and see how much easier using Maestro work plans can be for your organization.