Get the most out of Maestro

We’ve put together some short tutorial videos showing you how to use Maestro Community Manager. Watch the videos below to get a quick orientation. If you are looking for a deeper dive,
check out our Onboarding Videos.

New Users

Get everyone in your organization set up on Maestro Community Manager. This tutorial will walk you through setting up new users and their access level.


Settings is where Maestro comes to life. Add your engagements, your membership levels, your TIFs/SSAs/BIDs and more! Settings is where you make Maestro your own and make Maestro work for you.


Learn to update your billing information and organization’s “owner” to ensure you account always remains active and you continue to have access to all your Maestro data!

Advanced Search

One of the most often requested features is a list generation and export. Advanced Search is that feature. Discover how to create custom, comprehensive searches and generate any list from your Maestro system.


Having all your information about all your businesses in one spot. Hours of operation, number of employees, attendance, sponsorships, and more all at your fingertips!


Keep all your contacts with you wherever you go. More than just basic contact information, Maestro connects your contacts to businesses, properties, involvement and more. Plus you can add contact reports, notes and all the details you need to always know what every contact needs!

Constant Contact & Mailchimp

Maestro now lets you send your contacts directly to Constant Contact and/or Mailchimp, making it even easier to communicate with the people most important to your organization. This tutorial will show you how to setup your integrations as well as send and create lists right from Maestro.


Add and edit your dashboards to organize all your information that you want at your fingertips!

Donor Management

From sponsorships to in-kind gifts, your organization relies on donations. Maestro gives you the ability to track and report on all those donations. This tutorial shows you how to set up the donor management section, how to enter donations, and how to track your progress.

Email Notifications

Stay on top of everything happening in your organization by customizing your email notifications in Maestro. You can be updated as often or as little as you want. Watch this tutorial to find out how!


Organizations are always holding events, meetings, festivals, and more. The events in Maestro give you the ability to always have your organization’s calendar in one spot for everyone to find. Learn how events work within the Maestro system and start scheduling your team today!


We want you utilizing the Maestro Community Manager, not setting up your organization. To help you get all your information into Maestro, we have built a series of importers to help you maximize your time and get up and running faster!


Involvements are a feature of Maestro that allows you to take your data to the next level. Discover how involvements allow you to “tag” businesses, properties, contacts, even work plans and harness the power of this awesome feature.


Stay connected with everyone in your organization by utilizing the Maestro messaging system. This system allows you to communicate with one person or an entire group, and keeps everyone in the loop on all your messages!


This quick tutorial will walk you through using the multi-select tool to quickly grab multiple profiles (contacts, businesses, or properties)!

Personal Todo List

You’ve asked for it, now it’s here! Personal to-do lists outside of a work plan within the Maestro system! Check out this quick tutorial to see how to set your personal todo list up today!


Keep all your property data with you wherever you are. From tax information, zoning, registry information and more! Keep track of everything you need regarding your properties!


Tracking your progress and filing reports is a critical function for organizations. Maestro makes generating those reports easy. This tutorial will walk you step by step through creating a report so that you can track your progress on everything that matters to you and your organization!

Volunteer Opportunities

Create opportunities for your volunteers to sign up for shifts. With volunteer opportunities you are able to create shifts, jobs, and slots and publish one link that your volunteers can all use to claim their role, allowing you to fill all your volunteer needs quickly and easily.


To help you work the way you work, we have built a series of widgets that allow you to customize your dashboard views and personalize your Maestro Community Manager!

Work Plans

Keep track of all your projects, all your tasks, who is responsible for what. Set budgets and deadlines, and keep your entire organization in harmony with the work plan wizard!