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Historic Valley Junction

Des Moines, IA

One of the joys/challenges of Main Street land is dealing with the volumes and volumes and volumes of paperwork; whether events, property owners, donors, community partners, business owners, volunteers, the list just doesn’t seem to end. This paperwork, coupled with my just about total lack of organization is simply not a good combination. Maestro has been a very good tool, and a very easy to use tool, to organize and access all this information. We still have miles to go for data entry and maintaining that information, but Maestro truly have been a huge help in these projects. From this highly unorganized (but well-meaning) Main Street Executive Director, I give a solid round of applause to Maestro. Thank you!

Jim Miller, Executive Director

Lansdowne Central Business District

Lansdowne, PA

“We Love Maestro! It’s the best software for keeping everything organized in your downtown. It’s the best Main Street Program you’ll ever buy!”

Deborah Broduer, Executive Director

Burlington Downtown Corporation

Burlington, NC

As a new Executive Director of a Main Street Program, Maestro has been instrumental in quickly preparing me to speak intelligently and accurately about my downtown community. This intuitive and user-friendly community management system has helped me organize my community’s information in a logical and thorough way while also providing calm and solace in the sometimes hectic world of downtown revitalization. The creators of Maestro have developed the solution to cleverly store and sort data while also untangling the often complicated connections between properties, businesses, their owners, special taxing districts, historic districts, national and local historic landmarks, volunteers, staff and interns (the list goes on!). I cannot fathom how anyone functioned before Maestro came onto the Main Street Scene. In a word: Brilliant.

Jessica Pasion, Executive Director

Farmville Downtown Partnership

Farmville, VA

As our organization has gone through staff and board changes, it puts my mind at ease to know our data is secure and accessible to many members at once. We can more confidently weather the ebbs and flows that are naturally part of a small nonprofit, without worrying about succession of key organizational information. What a relief!

Ilsa L., Board President

Ocean Beach MainStreet Association

San Diego, CA

Maestro has helped us organize our member contacts and made us much more efficient compared to our old system. Our team particularly appreciates being able to access the data simultaneously and the ease of running reports. Using Maestro is freeing up time we used to spend updating information in multiple places, chasing down contact information from multiple staff members and volunteers, and waiting for inefficient database processes to complete — so we can focus on improving our business district and community. Also, Maestro’s customer service team is top-notch: very responsive to requests and super nice and helpful.

Isabel Clark, Programs Director

Ocala Main Street

Ocala, FL

I am a huge fan of Maestro Community Manager. If there is something that you need or something you need to figure out…just give them a call. It has been really, really easy and one of the best programs I’ve found to manage my Main Street.

Diana Schwartz, Executive Director

Kendall Whittier Main Street

Tulsa, OK

We really appreciate that the team listens to feed back and includes new features routinely. We’re excited about the future with it. It’s going to help us be a lot more effective.

Ed Sharrer, Executive Director

Saco Main Street

Saco, ME

I can’t say enough positive things about Maestro and what it’s done for us. As a smaller-scale Main Street organization, this software has really helped us grow and develop by taking the “am I missing anything?” factor out of our planning. It’s also great to work with a program that’s continuously being updated and expanded. I use Maestro daily – it’s a one-stop tool for contacts, business information, and work plans all at your fingertips. It’s also my Savvy Rolodex; I know who in our organization is talking to our business owners and what their interactions are all about. I’ve eliminated many, many sticky notes from my desk because of Maestro!

Holly Gordon, Program Coordinator

Downtown Waterfront Association

Gig Harbor, WA

“The Downtown Waterfront Alliance is a certified Main Street organization on the downtown waterfront of Gig Harbor, Washington. We had been searching for a database that would fit our organization’s needs and almost took the very expensive step of hiring someone to build us one from scratch. Thank goodness we came across Maestro at the Main Street National Conference. Since Maestro is created primarily for Main Streets, it is organized in such a way that it applies directly to our needs. Main Streets are not “one size fits all” across the country, so it is nice that the database is easily customizable. The site and the incredibly low price are not the only reasons we are so thrilled to be using Maestro. The customer service is absolutely above and beyond expectations and as Maestro grows they are implementing features that are a direct result of customer input. They truly listen and it feels like a partnership, not just a business relationship.”

Heidi Gerling, Farmers Market Manager

Jacksonville Main Street

Jacksonville, IL

Maestro saves us time and money, plus provides us with the opportunity to bring our volunteers and staff together on projects. After years of searching multiple databases and files for information, Maestro puts it at our fingertips and keeps it in a safe place where everyone who needs it can access it and keep it updated. This convenience alone makes our staff and (more importantly) our volunteer time more productive and less frustrating.

Judy Tighe, Executive Director