Let Maestro help with your event

We know events are important for any downtown organization. Some raise funds to keep the organization financially secure. Others build goodwill in the community and get people through the doors to keep business owners happy. No question about it, events are critical for most downtowns. This fact was a driving factor as we developed Maestro Community Manager.

In fact, when we first built Maestro, it revolved heavily around events. Ensuring that your work plans could be put into the system and tied to businesses, contacts, and properties was the starting point for Maestro. We’ve come a long way since then, but work plans are still a critical component of our software.

Maestro makes running your event easier. Utilize the work plan tool to build your task. You can assign your tasks to any contact in your system, add budgetary information, due dates, and notes that are important for completing the tasks. This allows everyone associated with the project to keep track of what’s been done and what still needs to be completed.

Work plans are terrific for keeping track of all the tasks, but that is not where Maestro’s abilities end when it comes to your events. Utilizing the involvements with your events allows you to track every aspect of the event. Add involvements for your sponsorship levels, volunteer opportunities, even attendance. Then attach those involvements to the appropriate contact or business to unlock even more functions. Now you will be able to generate lists, filter results, and get exactly the information you are looking. And because Maestro is mobile, you can take all the information about your event with you wherever you go, so you always have what you need with you.

We know events are an important part of your downtown, so let Maestro help you make the most of them!

downtown event at night